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List of existing documentation is here:
Documentation contains usually these parts (note, that there is many things todo):

Issue Tracker

If you've found a bug or wish a new feature, please: To report issues or new feature request (at, you need a Nanoboot account: Please, join us


There is not yet any forum, but we are working on it. This future forum will be intended for general discussions, ideas, new software proposals, proposals of changes, how Nanoboot project works now.
At this moment, you can send us your ideas to or report them at

Become member of Nanoboot

Nanoboot membership is free (no cost)
Adding new Nanoboot members is not yet automatic. We will create you manually a new issue tracker account and send you the password, which will you have to change.
You can delete your existing account at any time. If you wish to delete your account, please, send us an e-mail to, then we will delete your account and e-mail address.
Self registration at is disabled to prevent spam.
There are not yet any Mailing lists. If there will be any Mailing list in the future, we will ask you firstly for the permission to send it, otherwise you will not be subscribed.

To become Nanoboot member, please, send us an e-mail to You can use a content like this template:
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Name Url Powered by
Introduction to Nanoboot (this web)https://www.nanoboot.orgHTML+CSS
Concact us by E-mail, send us commentsnanoboot at nanoboot period orgE-mail
Software documentation for users, admins and developershttps://docs.nanoboot.orgDog
Storage for code and issues
Storage for Maven artifactshttps://maven.nanoboot.orgReposilite
List of clones of "Color Lines" computer gamehttps://colorlinesclones.comColor Lines Clones - web application
Website for Color linez computer gamehttps://colorlinez.comHTML+CSS
Mirror of Nanoboot repositories at code.nanoboot.org
Clones of "Color Lines" on Github:
List of awesome repositories on Github:
Continuous integration (automatic builds and deployments):https://ci.nanoboot.orgJenkins
Archive of Internet web pages: Box - web application
Storage for web archives:
Color Lines Clones (test):https://test.colorlinesclones.comColor Lines Clones - web application
Net Box (test):https://net.test.nanoboot.orgNet Box - web application