Nanoboot Project


Nanoboot is collection of free software mostly written in Java programming language. What we do:

Our software

Complete list of Nanoboot packages:

Color Shapes Desktop

More screenshots.

Color Shapes Engine

Status: This is a Java library, where is hold the core logic of game "Color Shapes".

Time Calc

Status: Desktop application tracking working hours and activities of an employee with many features.



Multi-purpose system - documentation, issue tracking, encyclopedia + much more

Octagon can be extended by plugins existing or new ones

Power Framework


Power Framework is collection of over 20 multi-purpose libraries. More info

DB Migration


A tool versioning database schema.

Create database schema changesets more information

Future software

Color Shapes Server

Color Shapes as a server, which you can access via REST api

Color Shapes Client

Status: Java library used to connect to "Color Shapes" server

Color Shapes Web

Status: Color Shapes running in web browser

Color linez Desktop

Status: Classic game "Color linez" implemented in Java ("the same user interface")

Color linez Web

Status: Classic game "Color linez" running in web browser



Screen-oriented game engine intended for web browser